Thursday, June 3, 2010

almost over

...well it ssems I am almost getting there finally!! formatting has so many variables, if you mess with one you have to mess with another, and on and on...but I wan't to make it pleasant to the eye ... can't believe how the screen has bothered my eyes as of late!! my glasses don't help at all.... and I don't even need reading glasses... anyway...will soon be onto more pleasant things!
Today was a holiday, Corpus Christi,.... a catholic country with catholic holidays of course!... long weekend... São Paulo almost becomes a  ghost town... not quite... impossible with 12 mil people if not more by now! so it was a lazy day for lots of people, and I have spent the last few days setting up my blog... never worked with html.... completely new language... but am getting the hang of it!
As I was setting up my blogging list I marvelled at the creativity and meticulous work of some of you that I have followed! So many beautiful places on your vacations and working nooks; so many gorgeous needle work!  But sorry you all... I have to say that my Hungarian friends, if you will let call you that, have "fairy hands" as we say it in Portuguese!   I learned my first tricks watching anuyka, mom, do her work.  When she 1st arrived in Brazil after WWII coming from a displaced persons camp in Klagenfurt, AU, she didnt speak Portuguese and needed to make a living, and needlework was her start! And for those of you who don't know that, European women have a long tradition in needle work, and the Hungarians prized in the intricate emboidery of men and women's apparel.  I love to see the long capes the shepheards used to cover from the bitter cold in the plains!
There is a blog in my list that shows  the beautiful Mágyars.  Thank you all for sharing your gorgeous handwork! ou certainly are an inspiration to me!

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