Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A little bit at a time!

Well, this has been an adventure! so much going on ... I have finally worked a little bit on this blog set up, not quite finished yet, but closer to what I want!

We are just about getting into winter, the flowers you see are the flowers chosen to represent our city. This time of year they bloom all over, with different hues of pink, lavender and purple... from lighter to darker as they bloom... the native Mata Atlântica gets sprinkled with these colors everywhere.  But because I love the change of colors during fall I have planted some maple trees in the property... They are almost naked now... will post some of the blooming at this time.  Brazil has this wonderful quality of having flowers during fall and winter!!! in fact, it seems we have more flowers now then during springtime, and I love flowers, so I've arranged to have flowers blooming all year round and humming birds and others, cute little singing creatures, come to visit and honor with their pretty and joyful singing!  Tucans and wood peckers are around along with different kinds of little parrots and their many different cousins!  And I feel so blessed to have this display of sounds and images all around and all the time... to wake to them is a pleasure!  On this one occasion I was able to count at least 25 or so tucans flying from tree to tree, or little parrots doing just the same!! Tucans a little devils though... they want to eat the other birds eggs... but their colors are magnificent!
Well it's late ... will post more this week!


manacá tree - mata atlântica - costa brasileira